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Monday, September 05, 2011

TODAY has achieved parity with the Straits Times (UPDATED)

"When it is not necessary to make a decision, it is necessary not to make a decision." - Lord Falkland


PA to be applauded for sticking to its policy

Letter from Yee Jun Xian

I COMMEND the People's Association for assiduously ensuring that the grassroots organisations will continue to work closely with the Government.

When I first saw the angry retorts to the PA's explanation on why Opposition Members of Parliament cannot be grassroots advisers, I was bemused and a little disturbed.

Now, I applaud the PA for sticking with its policy despite the public pressure. It has to carry out the important task of connecting people with the Government, a process that cannot be compromised by having Opposition MPs as advisers.

Writers write. Teachers teach. Opposition MPs oppose. The logic is simple and irrefutable.

Opposition MPs are meant to be an alternative voice, but that voice should be restricted to Parliament. Otherwise, they have no other duty and, indeed, cannot be trusted with any other duty.

Perhaps certain members of the public are offended that their MPs, simply because they are from the Opposition, are not allowed to be advisers and represent their interests in the PA. But these people will have to live with their vote at the recent General Election.

Important Addendum: The original version of the letter puts a VERY different spin on the writer's intent:

"The simple truth is that these people have no one to blame but themselves. They did not vote wisely, and this is what they deserve.

Ladies and gentlemen, please repent."

Comment on TODAY: "When will people learn! Do not write forum letters in satirical prose!"
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