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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Review: Entre-Nous Creperie

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Premium crêpes
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Though I've been here twice before, it was only to try the dessert crêpes. Having sampled a savoury crêpe today, I finally can write a holistic review.

Tucked into a narrow unit on Seah Street, it is easy to miss this outlet - and the black and white flag of Brittany doesn't stand out either! The owners being from Brittany, they have hung pictures of Brittany and especially lighthouses on the walls. They're quite pretty. The only downside about the setting is that sometimes I find the place too hot.

Those who are used to eating wheat flour crêpes such as those you'd find in Marché will find the galettes (savoury crêpes) here, made of buckwheat flour, quite different with a more complicated flavour, and perhaps an aftertaste with just a hint of bitterness. There's a wide range of toppings. I tried ham, Emmental cheese and egg. For those used to the crap we call "cheese" in Singapore, Emmental is a welcome change.

As for the sweet crêpes, the salted caramel crêpe that I previously tried was amazing. The flavour is complex and it is a veritable mélange of sweet and salty. Cooked apple was so-so, as it was a little dry.

I also like the cider, though I prefer that at Barracks at House (which also comes in a smaller portion if you don't want so much).

Service is also good. When the server is also an owner one avoids the principal-agent problem.

As other commenters point out, this is not a cheap place to dine. While most of the ingredients might be imported from France, this is neither necessary nor sufficient to ensure quality results. Perhaps the owners' looking into more affordably priced but still premium ingredients will benefit all parties concerned. Otherwise one way to enjoy this establishment would be to dine at a cheaper place and come in just for dessert.
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