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Monday, June 27, 2011

Observations - 27th June 2011

"I have not lost my mind - it's backed up on disk somewhere." - Unknown


One of my fantasies: will $1 to lots of people so they will come to my will reading and be pissed off.

It takes two hands to clap but only one to slap.

At a wedding I was at recently I swear one of the women doing the readings mentioned St Paul's letter to the Philippines.

News stories that reference stories readily available online but which don't provide links are very irritating.

Trying to find the origin of something on tumblr is like looking for Prestor John

I suspect a main reason people hate Windows is enterprise software. So it's not really Windows's fault.

A centralised system also means a centralised point of failure

It is ironic that Singaporeans despise PRCs for reasons similar to why Singaporeans are disliked in developed countries

I wonder why we need screen doors on all our MRT lines, but they don't in Paris, London, New York, Tokyo and many other cities.

Entrepreneurship in Singapore is about taxi driving and private education.

Seen: "In terms of appearance: I do love long hair. The longer the better, in fact. This is not mandatory, I’m just sayin' (Wow, this bitch is even ranting about the hard-hitting issue of male hair length, but...) If you did have long hair and you think cutting it somehow made you more of a 'grown-up' or as part of some ridiculous pressure from this sexist double-standard, please proceed to stick head in meat grinder. I have seen the most horrific bleached, dyed, split end straw mess on female heads, but if it's anything less than perfect on a guy one often hears inanely horrified commentary that somehow maturity and hygiene levels are inversely proportional to how long your hair is if you are in possession of a penis."

Just because I think you would look better with a boob job doesn't mean you should be forced to get one, or you should be happy if some mad plastic surgeon drugs you and you wake up with one.

I am annoyed by false dichotomies. No one advocates expulsing ALL foreigners from Singapore, or ratcheting up government spending to 200% of GDP.

From a seditious article: "There is no defamation suit because in court the correct details of the incident will come out" I wonder if the author(s) will be sued for defamation...

The office of MP is not a lifetime achievement award (@struthious yeah I would vote for [my sweeper] over LKY)

I swear Pearl necklaces are as popular an accessory now as hoop earrings were in 2004.

"Round, warm, silky smooth, soft, bouncy" - Sounds like good fishballs.

Seen on anti-smoking material: "Be inspired by the brave stories of those who have quit smoking". This is the feebleness of 21st century "Bravery".

An inspirational quote I saw: "Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows." (Helen Keller) How can she be credible saying that? Do people even undertand the drivel that they repeat?!

RT @MrAniki: #Singapore, you have to step up your game. There is a long way to go #fail

RT: @leraine: Don't complain about how guys just look at you as a pair of tits and a vagina if you're like "I've got tits and a cunt, where's my Gucci?"

RT @sebastien_mc: On ne dit pas « Sodomiser ses copains » mais « Elargir le cercle de ses amis » !

RT @joshlim If you take out all the vowels from female, you get FML.

RT: @markleggett: Whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger but more likely it will make us much weaker and horribly disfigured and bitter and fearful.
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