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Friday, January 14, 2011

"Only" in Singapore

Trending on Twitter now: #onlyinsingapore

Some examples:

"Mats, Minahs, Ah Bengs & Ah Lians blasting music on their handphone speakers onboard public transport. Disgusting."

"do people jay-walk right below the overhead bridge."

"do you pay $100k for a Honda."

"students who live nearer to school tends to come later than those living further"

"Racial assumptions: Chinese - Businessmen, Indians - Money-Changers/Mama-Shop Owners, Malays - Cooks/Soccer Players"

"smoking is a crime"

"you have monks that drive mercedes and even serving prison sentences."

"do we have priests like Rony Tan who preach NOT about Christianity but the bad about Buddhism and homosexuality." (among other FAILs, he's a Pastor and not a Priest)

"would 'young people', even teachers, lack the strength to pronounce full words and gladly shorten them beyond recognition."

My contribution: #onlyinsingapore: people thinking Singapore is so special that various phenomena are #onlyinsingapore
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