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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Conversations - 16th November 2010

"Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable." - Sidney J. Harris


Someone: the japan economy seems to be declining
yet the no of pple studying increases
i suspect this means pple dun study it for work/economical purposes

Me: soft power

Someone: soft power?

Me: culture

Someone: yah
the last 3
r probably primary reasons

i wonder why its not put in e questionare
for taking JLPT

they have a questionnaire whereby they ask u a series of qns on why n how u learn japanese

but they do put anime, manga as one of e avenues of "how u learn japanese"
not av though....

Me: ahem
you cant learn much from them

Someone: u can learn from the circumstances tt led to the acts
rather than the acts itself

i've seen crappy stuff like to solve e ageing population problem, the country has legalised every guy to f**k every arbitrary gal he sees
they even explain e policy in detail

Me: the fuck 1 grand prix had some nonsense about global warming

TC: can u help me write in french

in general i'm quite contented with my life. i try as much as possible to do everything in the list but some things cannot be done.
for example having a romantic life

Me: En général, je suis assez contente de ma vie. J'essaie faire toutes les choses dans la liste, autant que possible, mais il se semble qu'il soit impossible de faire quelques choses.

Par exemple, avoir une vie romantique. Personne ne m'aime, parce que je suis acerbe.

TC: -_-

wah lau dont anyhow add stuff can

Me: I want to see if you're paying attention

MFTTW: mean starting salary for engineers is like 2.8k now leh

i'm amazed no one has caught on to the fact that salaries for lower-level waged employees have been stuck at the same level for 20 years

Someone: al female bosses suck
except when i become a boss
then i'll be fabulous

Someone else: havent been meeting with my girls
i realise i prefer hanging with the boys

Me: hahahahahaha
yeah the worst bit about being a woman - is dealing with other women

Someone else: yes
i was just musing abt it this week

Guys are less whiny, less clingy and less dependent than the average woman. If I were born a guy, I'll probably be gay.

Someone: i have a case where my friend changed religion to islam
immed post out of air force to army storeman

Me: hope I didn't infect charis haha

TC: whats that

i thought it was an illness
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