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Friday, October 22, 2010

Goodluck "Friends" Centre - Would SDN approve?

"A book of quotations . . . can never be complete." - Robert M. Hamilton


(via Wanjun)

"Goodluck Friends Centre

A Classic Place for Professional Men & Pleasant Ladies

(unlimited introduction till marriage, strictly confidential)

Quality Control

Conditions to be a member with GOODLUCK
* Ladies must be neat and pleasant looking, with good disposition
* Men preferably must be with good income and moral character

** Apology: We sincerely apologise to those who are not qualified to enrol at our centre"

I am wondering which is more important for men: good income or moral character (since these are preferred but not mandatory, presumably at least one can be dropped)

I'm trying to decide if the website is better than the ad, with gems like:

"Mr Horatio Lee, our founder did some research on how to get a good amount of members that have the quality in them. For example, how to attract pleasant looking ladies and successful gentlemen into our pool"

"It's frequent for us to hear members calling us and say:

"Hi ! Mr Lee, the lady you introduced me..... She's so beautiful and cheerful. I really enjoy going out with her."

"Hello Mr Lee, the guy is so successful and gentlemanly. Thank you for introducing me such a nice guy.""

"Below are some references of our available members. The income figures being shown are being rounded off to the nearest figure.

Because of huge numbers, only 20% of our active members are available for viewing online."
(you can search for members by height, weight and income, and the listing shows if they have a car and/or house. Tellingly, all you see about them are statistics - there's no essay feature)
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