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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Conversations - 27th May 2010

"Always acknowledge a fault. This will throw those in authority off their guard and give you an opportunity to commit more." - Mark Twain


Me: hurr hurr
god knows
women are crazy

Someone: hello..u re criticising my kind

Me: it's true what

Someone: when are women open to criticism

Me: never

Someone: :D

Someone else on why she can never live in Singapore again: his younger brother scored 240 for his PSLE
and is now in [not so good school]. which at that point, I went "WTF" in my head and asked him WHY [not so good school]

of all the other better schools he could have gone to like [better school] (my sec) or [better school] (my sister's). because we turned out alright didnt we?
and he said that his dad didnt want his brother to mix with people from Normal Academic and Normal Tech streams
so I was like "ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!?!" didnt mince my words there

because I think [not so good school] SUCKS. I used to have friends from there and most of them turned out to be jerks, assholes and MCPs lololol (I had two boyfriends from there AHAHAH)

Me: haha so what do you call a girl who dates jerks, assholes and MCPs? ;)

Someone else: stupid and young ok

i had friends who were in NA and NT streams when I was in [better school] and some of them turned out doing better than my Express stream counterparts, some had different priorities I dont deny that BUT THAT IS BECAUSE OF HOW SOCIETY HAS ALREADY JUDGED THEM
i know one friend from Normal Tech who told me she behaved how she behaved (undesirably in most people's eyes) because she gave up on herself

teachers gave up on her, parents too, society. she said her classmates are all very self-defeating
and this was coming from a 15 year old
I was sec 3 when I spoke with her. [ECA] mate.
its fucking horrible I say. its disgusting, depressing and TYPICAL singaporean
i could not believe that people like [person] still exists
so I got really mad and cried lor

the reality really hit me hard. it slapped me into remembering why i left SG in the first place. to get away from people like that. to get away from that destructive environment
some people develop slower whereas others faster, because we are all different. I HATE labelling children so young but the sad thing is, it... works?? Like singaporeans are motivated by fear. fear of the govt, fear of failing, kiasu and all

Me: I thought you left SG to elope with your boyfriend?

Someone else: not not elope omg!

i mean here in [more civilised country], teacher student ratio is low, every child is equal and precious. the schs help them to develop in their own way be it academically, sports, music whatever.
no streaming and all this bullshit
i tried to tell my bf why i was so angry last night and he couldnt understand. like the SG education concept seemed to float right across his head lol.

I saw my psychologist for depression last year and he told me that his best friend is a plumber who earns more than him, a doctor
because skilled workers are valued here, its not saikang for foreign workers. and my pscyhologist told me to leave this fear
of failing and everything back in Singapore
because [more civilised country] is NOT singapore. etc etc

my friend is a teacher in [School]. i complained to her abt this and she was like "parents like that are actually very common"
and I was like O_O
cannot lah I tell you. I can't live with people like that around me EVERYDAY
thats why i said it was like a rude awakening when I hear something so "typically singaporean" after all these years

MFTTW on crazy women: aiyah
you are surrounded by arts people
i think you should say
"arts women are mad"

Me: I should get to know more science and engin girls huh

MFTTW: yahlor
we are all so much more logical
and calm

Someone: wa very angry
i just argue wt ***
he said cfa is more imprt than ur degress
i was like wtf no

how can it be more imprt
of cos not!
u think u grad wt some ulu degree wt cfa compare to stanford grad
come on

i think first class hons is a signal
not whether u have a freaking CFA

Me: haha
CFA harder to get right
*** said he thinks 1st class NUS is harder to get than 1st class cambridge haha

Someone: oviously NOT

haha actually thats what my friend from LSE said

Me: haha actually I
think so too

Someone: cos nus bell curve
but of cos cfa is not harder than ur first class hons

ec4102 is like how hard
and ec3334
come on man if u fail ur uni mods ur transcript will reflect that u
took sup papers
but no one knows how many attempts for ur stupid CFA

Me: haha if you quit
work and sit for CFA maybe easy

Someone: yeah
actually the content is not hard
its just that theres a lot to study

definitely nothing comparted to ec 4102
i feel so freaking insulted!

Me: his degree from where one

Someone: SIM

Me: no wonder lah
of course CFA harder

Someone: i'll be the greatest fan of your life:


but apparently they think their second upper is equivalent to MY secon upper

Me: why am I the only one commenting on the wave [about an attempt to improve an institution Someone is no longer in]

Someone: dunno
everyone else is sick of the subject?

Me: same reason I bother taking part in threads where *** is involved
to her latest spiel I replied "Vive La Revolution!"

Someone: why do you have to respond at all

Me: so young uns don't get corrupted and confused by her nonsense
hopefully it's self-evident that's it's nonsense by now

Someone: so kind
most people don't comprehend why I even bother writing the report.

Me: I have an abiding concern for my fellow man

Someone: yeah. I still want to improve things at [former institution]. but people are like: you're not there anymore, why do you care?

Me: is this sort of attitude uniquely singapore?

Someone: maybe

could be due to generally needing a lot of incentive to speak up
could be due to general apathy towards singapore

I don't konw if other emigres are similarly apathetic

Me: many diasporas are concerned with their home country
but maybe that depends on why you leave
if you're an economic migrant there will still be bonds

Someone: well, it's no secret that s'poreans lack a sense of belonging

PPBI: tell her lose weight

Me: she's not fat what

PPBI: she's chunky

if that is not fat
i dunno what is

Me: you want to see fat? :P

PPBI: ok show me fat

Me: *picture*

PPBI: that is obese

Me: ...

PPBI: girl on right has gross eyebrows
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