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Monday, December 28, 2009

"Traditions are group efforts to keep the unexpected from happening." - Barbara Tober


This afternoon, I was at Quest for Immortality - The World of Ancient Egypt at the National Museum with Cunning Linguist and Maria.

Uncharacteristically, I am posting pictures on the same day that I took them. I also took pictures on the last day of the Belgian Art exhibition, but since it was so long ago it can wait and anyway for local events there're probably already other people posting images in dribs and drabs.

Uncharacteristically, too, I have nothing to say.

Well, that's not quite true. My short words:

1) Pay by Mastercard so it's $8.50 and not $15.
2) After only 5 days some of the letters are already falling or have fallen off, perhaps due to vandalism.
3) What's with the dark lighting in both the National and Asian Civilisations Museums?! Is it to foil photography?
4) Non-flash photography is allowed! I don't know how they get the photo rights to so many of these things - I thought the international practice was to disallow photography at all temporary exhibitions.

I will nonetheless not type out the artifact names, both since I took pictures of the plaques and because leaving this information out is the only way this post is going out tonight. I have added the names of the items

I might also post pictures of some of my favourite Egyptian artefacts from other museums in the next day or two. Maybe.

Bust of a goddess. Ptolemaic Period

Statue of goddess Sekhmet. New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty

Elephant statue. Ptolemaic-Roman Period
This is one of three known large Egyptian elephant statues

Colossal head of a king. Ptolemaic Period.

Statue of the god Horus and King Horemheb. New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty

Lion devouring a bull. Late Period, 30th Dynasty

Ornate collar, Old Kingdom, late 5th-early 6th Dynasty and Necklace,
New Kingdom, 1500-1200 BC

Sculptor's model (of a falcon). Late-Ptolemaic Period

Mirror, Middle Kingdom, 12th Dynasty
Cosmetic palette in the shape of a fish, Late Predynastic Period, c. 3200 BC
Palette with grinder, Late Predynastic Period, c. 3100 BC
Ointment bowl in the shape of a tilapia fish, New Kingdom, 1550-1069 BC
Kohl jar, New Kingdom, 1550-1069 BC

Ostracon showing a king's head, New Kingdom, 20th Dynasty

Standing winged Isis, Late Period
Isis with Harpokrates or 'Horus the Child', Late Period

Osiris figurine whose plaque I seem to have forgotten to take a picture of

Stele belonging to Pa-mer-ihu, New Kingdom, 19th Dynasty

Thoth as an ibis, Late Period, 600-550 BC

Falcon, Ptolemaic Period

Mummies of two crocodiles, Late-Ptolemaic Period

Seated statue of Khentit-ka and her son Rudju, Old Kingdom, early 5th Dynasty, c. 2450 BC

Tomb stele for Keti and Senet, Middle Kingdom, late 11th-12th Dynasty.
2055-1900 BC
Relief fragment with a cartouche of Seti I, New Kingdom, 19th Dynasty
Stele belonging to Djed-her. Late Period, 26th Dynasty

Stele belonging to Amen-mose. New Kingdom, 19th Dynasty
Stele belonging to Teri, New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty

Coffin lid and interior of outer coffin belonging to Padi-imen-em-ipet. 3rd Intermediate-Late Period. 25th-26th Dynasties

Inner coffin belonging to Nes-Khons. 3rd Intermediate Period. 25th Dynasty

Shabti box belonging to Neser-Amun. 3rd Intermediate-Late Period. 25th-26th Dynasties
Canopic chest in the shape of a chapel. Ptolemaic Period
Chest inscribed with the name Hor. Late-Ptolemaic Period

Four canopic jars. New Kingdom, 19th-20th Dynasty

Heart scarab belonging to a man called Sen-resi, New Kingdom, early 18th Dynasty, 1550-1500 BC
Heart scarab, Late Period
Pectoral with heart scarab belonging to a man named Piai, New Kingdom, 19th Dynasty

Book of the Dead belonging to Pay-nefer-nefer. 3rd Intermediate Period, 21st Dynasty

"You know how to read ah?" - A boy's remark on hearing me explaining the Book Of The Dead
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