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Saturday, July 25, 2009

"The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary; men alone are quite capable of every wickedness." - Joseph Conrad


Someone on web filtering at the office: well there is hope yet
the green dam fell

china's filtering software
public opinion pushed the govt to reverse its decision
so now it's not compulsory for all computers to have it

that's a good start ainnit?
the chinese aren't sitting down and kissing their little red books anymore

Me: hurr hurr
cos they wanted their porn lah

Someone: the power of porn
never underestimate the will of a man separated from his porn. he can move mountains and empty oceans

PPBI: you know why women spend so much on their dresses

because most of them lead boring humdrum lives
and \they want to be princesses

so their wedding day is the only day they can indulge

so i told myself in future i shall live like a princess
so i will not want to get married so i can indulge

Me: why not a queen

PPBI: but well i want to be an empress

empress sounds cooler
and more exotic

Someone: disgusting chris asked [UD #6] if she wanted to go


Someone: hahah!

stop being a baby. as my friend likes to say: 你胸前有没有两粒奶?
hrm maybe not so appropriate for you. cause you do actually

Someone else on something mean some boys called a well-endowed girl: ahahhhaa
omg so bad!!!


aiyoh poor girl

she's probably a sweet girl

horrible boys.
only boys will notice such things
and SAY such things

Me: eh. what men say
about women is nothing compared to what women say about each other

Someone else: true
innocent but crude jokes. versus malicious insecurity
only insecure women will say things about each other

Me: most women are insecure (:

Someone else: that's why you sympathize with women :)

Me: I am insecure meh

Someone else: no
you don't have to be insecure to sympathize with an insecure person!

Frigid Girl: what the hell.

i ask you hot or not
you give me cupsizes

Someone: alpha male what
guys must be better than girl

Me: yes
that's why female emancipation has led to some undesirable consequences

Someone: i find this lack of ambition disturbing lor

what's it with you women and wanting men with ambition

Someone: sense of security
it all boils down to that
cos we would want to depend on our man

thats it really
which xplains why there are so little househusbands

Me: well women want to ride on coattails

Behind every great man there's a woman
Behind a nobody there's no woman

Someone: hahaa

Me: I think the chain of causation is reversed

it's not that the woman helps the man become great
it's that a man who becomes great gets a woman

Someone: yes
that is very true

lets face it
what is love lor.

chemical reactions? haha
don't kid me

its us
ticking a mental checklist in our heads
and if our potential partner fulfills it
well like them

PPBI: before my period comes i always wish i have someone to protect me

Me: ><

that makes no sense
do other girls feel that way

PPBI: ie looking for a 'dad'
the dad/cad dichotomy

one girlfriend says she has similar feelings

i didn't really ask other girls
why don't you

but you can only ask single girls
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