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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

"So much of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to work." - Peter Drucker


From the Jain University,

6.5 Important Features of Jain Food

"At night any insect may fall in a food-dish, without one's knowledge. Thus at night food might be infested with minor invisible insects. Even by mistake, swallowing the insects cause several diseases. At night the cook might not notice the poisonous organisms mixed with cooking material or boiled, and there are chances the poison might have effect on ones’ health.

Food consumed before sunset mostly gets digested though bodily movement and activities. Indian Science of health has formulated a rule that after having taken food, one should drink little-little water may times taking food before sunset allows this practice naturally.

Obviously night time eating causes more violence then day time eating. Likewise from health point of view day five eating is more advantageous than night time eating as a gate-way to hell...

Jainism, being a scientific religion, it has dealt with [other culinary proscriptions]...

Jainism believes in non-violence any food which involves wholes some violence should be avoided non vegetarian food (eggs, fish) involve such wholes one violence on large scale and therefore should always he abandoned by all. Even from Health point of view such food are considered unhealthy, poisonous and healthful. Such food should be totally abandoned.

Yes, even vegetable plans have subtle life but it is hard that we cannot but depend are then for our food. Besides they are natural substance and the do not contain filthy things...

Among vegetables also, root vegetable (Potatoes, Onion, Carrot, Multi etc. etc.) We also totally forbidden. They contain a lot of bacteria one can see with microscope and find the living insects in them. That is why consumption of root vegetable is strictly forbidden.

Likewise Sadharm plant beings have one common plant body. These plant bodies exist together with infinite other in a common plant body they are called 'Anantkay'. Use of such 'Anantkay' is also. prohibited in Jainism There are 32 such 'Anantkay'"

If all this were true, non-Jains would've died out long ago.

This is almost as bad as the nonsense on the health risks of having blood present in your food someone inserted into the Halal article Wikipedia.

Someone: actually most jains eat potatoes, onions, garlic and such. Trust me, I used to reside in the jain community.

Yes they do eat at night, especially in India where people keep very very late hours like dinner at 9-10pm. In Singapore however, just because its the done thing, people do eat slightly earlier.These are all things which are "preferable". Hence there is one week in the year dedicated to not eating green leafy veggies, tuber roots, fasting, eating before sunset.. etc. because there is a realisation of the impossibility of this sort of stricture.

See the thing about that is, its total theory. No one follows that unless they are "shamanji's or shamaniji's" who are people who have committed to that lifestyle, which generally are like 1-2% of the population (with that number i might even be over-restimating. In the 500 strong singaporean community there isn't even one.)

PS: Btw, even in religious school no one preaches the renunciation of honey.

Oh don't worry, alot of the sources are terribly ill-informed. I had to read the scriptures though, straight from the horses mouth ;)
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