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Monday, December 08, 2008

"Platitude: an idea (a) that is admitted to be true by everyone, and (b) that is not true." - H. L. Mencken



clam chowder and mee'nee'stroh'nee (minestrone)

involved in the lounge of the Euro (launch)

I like the Danish currency. It sounds like a brew, you know Corona?

[On me] I'm just staring at his tits. [Me: Can I return the favour?] [Someone: I'm looking at your tits. You're looking at his tits! He's looking at...

[On his girlfriend doing OT] Weekend date. Just like weekend car.

[On my hair] You look like a nun

I only just found out the meaning of eh'tas (atas)

[On Playboy] The girls are less scantily clad than FHM and Maxim... If you read the US edition of FHM you can actually learn something. If you read the Singapore edition you can't.

[Me: Then she went to France and discovered the French were assholes.] They're not assholes, they're bastards.

[On the SSO and the first movement of Winter] I don't think 'butchered' is even the word to describe it.

[Someone: You're good when angry.] XXX, your jokes are better when [you're] angry.

[On a Chinese transvestite] She's prettier than most girls. [Someone: She's prettier than all my ex-girlfriends.] [Me: You need to move up the value chain.]

[Someone: You sound very jaded.] [Me: I'm a student of the Misery of the Human Condition. I'm sorry, this isn't dinner table conversation.] It's Gabriel talk.

[On the awards ceremony] It is because of the work that you have done that we can join in this very officious and grand event. (???)

[On being from the PRC] When I first applied to USP I didn't know what it was. My rationale was simple - to become a scholar. [Cites Chinese saying]... Last summer my Communism was completely challenged

I was the captain of the USP basketball team... Enthusiasm was not enough. The only reason we won was because the Dentistry team did not have enough people

I might be the only one in NUS doing [a] double degree in Electrical Engineering and Business and USP. And wants to accelerate too.

[Me: Women lubricate the economy]... You guys won't be happy if women walked around with no makeup, no clothes? Okay, maybe not no clothes. [Someone: Ugly clothes.]

[On emoness] Never date someone from lit. Ever.

Gabriel, I need to ask you something. [Someone else: 'What the fuck is wrong with you?']

[On a $1 pineapple] Amazing Malaysian technology. Making a pineapple which is totally tasteless.

When do you cook with, what's her name... Infertile Girl... [Someone else: Is she still frigid?] (Frigid)

Some people call you the Root Beer Somalia (Somnelier)

Why are you so obsessed with your hair? I'm sure there's a word for someone obsessed with hair. [Me: women]

[On me to Year 1s] You know we're a *something* bunch of misfits? He's the original misfit.

[On my camwhoring picture] Gabriel, it looks like a shampoo ad.

[On Fright Night and me] I thought it was over. I came out and saw him and I started screaming again.

I don't like men my age... The younger ones have naivety. The older ones [Me: Have money?] Have experience.

He used me, I used him. No, not sexually.

Natalie was your friend right... [Someone: She's still alive]

[On 'I'll be Home for Christmas'] We sang this song for Christmas. Busking. A woman cried, and gave us 50 dollars. [Me: You all were that bad?]
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