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Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Failure is not the only punishment for laziness; there is also the success of others." - Jules Renard


Baltics trip
Day 11 - 26th May - Tallinn, Estonia
(Part 2)

We continued walking around Toompea.

Drivers in the Baltics like to turn on their headlights in the day.

Very battered piece of souvenir armour

Tall Hermann's Tower

Voldemar Panso, a famous Estonian playwright. Notice the audioguide key - Tallinn has very good tourist infrastructure.

A woman walked up to us and gave us a free map/guide. This city was so nice to tourists. No wonder so many had come.

The only 14th century building to survive a 19th century fire

Me mounting bird


Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin

Strange holes in cathedral wall

"Gourmet Monk" - selling glazed almonds

The Orthodox cathedral looks like the Kremlin from here



Stair down from Toompea

Town walls and two towers

Playing Bollywood with a pipe

We then went to another lookout spot.

Latvia was the country of cocks. There weren't many in the other 2 countries, but here's one huge cock from Tallinn.

Earlier this girl and another had tried to sell us UNICEF postcards. She now seemed to be looking for change in the binoculars - confirming our suspicions that she was scamming tourists (she probably bought some Gourmet Monk glazed almonds with her ill-gotten proceeds)

Who would pay for binoculars for this shit view?

Gate to some random house. Every other building here was a cultural monument (see the badge at the top left).

Memorial to Baltic regiment

We then returned to Yonder Fair Maiden and mounted the walls.

Murder hole

On walls

Wall and railing

What we had to climb to get up the walls




Staircase down

Manhole cover

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