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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Japan sketchpad

6 June - Tokyo. Arrive Narita 14:25 (Fri)
7 - Tokyo (Sat)
8 - Tokyo (Sun)
9 - Kyoto (3 hrs from Tokyo) (Museums closed on Monday; Nijo Jinya?! Reservations, Jap-speaker. Closed Wed.) (Mon)
10 - Himeji-jo / Kyoto (1 hr Osaka, 1.5 hr Kyoto) (Tue)
11 - Kyoto (Wed)
12 - Amanohashidate (1.5 hrs from Kyoto): Train info (Thu)
13 - Nara (<1 hr from Kyoto), Horyu-ji (<1/2 hr from Nara) (Fri)
14 - Osaka (Daytrip? AWASHIMA JINJA) (Sat)
15 - Koyasan (more interesting than Yoshino, through Osaka 1.5hr); Festival (Sun)
16 - Hiroshima (Mon)
17 - Itsukushima (1/2-1 1/2 hr from Hiroshima) / Hiroshima (Tue)
18 - Nikko (1.5-2 hrs by train) (Edo Wonderland - similar to Hokkaido place?) (Wed)
19 - Mt Fuji views: Fuji Go Ko. Hakone also? Bus up Fuji? (JX's suggestion: stay a night at Fuji Go Ko, "u feel a sense of peace") (Thu)
20 - Matsumoto Castle (2.5 hrs from Tokyo) / Tokyo (Fri)
21 - Matsushima Bay (30 mins from Sendai: 2 hrs from Tokyo) / Tokyo (Sat)
22 June - Tokyo. Leave Narita 18:40 (Sun)

I considered the overnight bus but:

1) there's no toilet
2) I still need rail travel on shorter routes. eg Tokyo-Nikko, Tokyo-Hakone, so I should be better off getting the JR pass.

Osaka sounds rather boring. Universal Studios can burn down for all I care.

Someone: osaka got food.. and red light district

Someone else: THE AQUARIUM
i'm sorry i swear by it
1i go to it EVERY TIME i go to osaka
but it's just me

Someone: help me buy sofy tampons back

i heard they're good
only found in japan


Someone else: HAHAHA
help me buy vibrators they're cheap in japan

Wth x2
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