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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

"The more you find out about the world, the more opportunities there are to laugh at it." - Bill Nye


Frigid Girl: hurhur i had a proj member who used menstrual cramps as an excuse on fri
come on this isnt JC PE anymore
and it baffles me how she can tell this to a proj work grp full of guys

[Ed: Someone added on that in HCJC they keep track of the times you use that excuse to skip swimming lessons, so you can use it at most twice a month.]

Me: hahahahahahaahha

precisely what
they don't know

guys always give girls more slack
and if they argue you can call them sexist

Frigid Girl: there're more bimbos in NM than any other major
maybe soci has, but i haven't seen many
media = they think it's something they wing with if they look pretty enough?

Someone: gabriel
i still thnk u are the shen in econometrics

no matter what ur grades are
or how long ur hair is
or whether u are a virgin or not

u are still my idol in econometrics

Someone else: really distracted the past week
chatterbox doesn't help

no, i'm lying
i chiong home everyday to play WoW -

Me: not that game with the dark elves with big breasts ah

Someone else: oh no
they made me giddy, so i switched games

i'm looking at human breasts now

Me: oh what made you giddy
the breasts?


Someone else: oh yes
the swells made me seasick when they moved

Someone: fyp thesis, i realise its not the quality
its e quantity of bullshit (for engin side)

Frigid Girl: to be capable of reading women, you have to be really sensitive ie paranoid

prepare for everything
at least read wrongly in the right direction
when you haven't offended her, assume you hvae

*** does this
and that's why he had 5 girls after him in 3 months

Me: why is the ID post called "she's pretty"

Johnny Malkavian: not very smart lor

Me: women tend not to be very smart

Johnny Malkavian: actually,
i think women tend to be smarter

it's just we're smarter than most men, which is why women seem relatively stupider

Me: haha

but [I] find men relatively smarter than women

Johnny Malkavian: if that's true, we won't find that most women have their men wrapped around their little finger

Me: hahahahahahahahaahahah
true, there is that

I shall requote nietzsche

"Two different things wanteth the true man: danger and diversion. Therefore wanteth he woman, as the most dangerous plaything."

Someone: well the key to a relationship is emotional manipulation
u have got to work within dominant paradigm
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