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Monday, February 05, 2007

I made some pork and red wine stew (adapted from Beef and Red-Wine Stew). Unfortunately I put too much wine. As usual.

MFTTW once claimed "There's no such thing as too much wine" (she now claims she never said that - she meant for drinking, not cooking, so maybe she was drunk when she told me that in the context of my first stew containing wine), but I think that besides the prohibitive cost of wine here, the flavour of the wine was too strong (ie Unsubtle) and it was a little sour when combined with the tomatoes. It didn't help that I forgot to put in any chicken stock, and had to substitute with chicken powder.

I also boiled it down too much. As usual.

The perils of not following recipes when your agaration skills are off (I remember my first carbonara, ugh).

Someone: is tat where u channel ur sexual energy to?
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