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Friday, June 30, 2006

July plan:

30 june Leave Utrecht, Sleep in Bruges (Train - €22,70)
1 jul - Bruges/Ypres (Train - €10,80 - weekend return), sleep in Bruges
2 jul - Ghent (?)/Antwerp, sleep in Antwerp (Train - €12,40)
Monday - 3 jul - Go to Eindhoven (Train - 1 hr 45 mins). Fly to Rome (14:30 flight)
3-4 jul - Alone in Rome. Sleep in Rome.
5-7 jul - In Rome with Andrew (Andrew comes)
8-9 jul - Naples/Pompeii/Herculaneum. Sleep in Naples. (Train, 1 1/2 hrs - ~€5)
Monday - 10-11 jul - Florence (Got a room in a camping site. No choice. One hostel in the city only has girl beds. He doesn't want to buy a wig. The rest are super expensive - the price of procrastination) (Train, 3 1/2-4 hrs - ~€21)
12 jul - Florence/Riomaggiore in Cinque Terra. Sleep in Riomaggiore. (Train, 2 3/4-3 hrs, ~€4 if not by ICPlus)
13 jul - Cinque Terra. Night train to Venice (Train, €31,50)
14 jul - Venice. Sleep in Venice.
15 jul - Venice (Andrew leaves). Sleep in Venice.
16 jul - Venice/Ravenna. Sleep in Ravenna. Dante Museum closes at 6pm. (Train, 3 hrs - €10,50)
Monday - 17 jul - Ravenna. Dante Museum closed (Tomb open). Sleep in Milan. (Train, 3 1/2 hrs - €13,80)
18 jul - Milan (Last Supper tickets sold out till 2 Aug. One day I'll go in April/May). Sleep in Milan.
19 jul - Marseilles (8-9/13 hrs from Milan; both Trenitalia and SNCF suck so I had to use Deutsche Bahn to find the schedules, but I've no prices). Sleep in Marseilles. (No cheap hostels online, 1 HI hostel fully booked, the other: booking online not possible. When I called - reception closed from 3-5pm. When I called again
they claim they don't accept reservations so I should show up on the day itself. Maybe I'll have to camp again.)
20 jul - Arles/Nimes. Sleep in Nimes (HI). (Train, 1 1/2-2 1/2 hrs - €16,10)
21 jul - Avignon. (Train, 1/2 hr - €5,80) Night train to Reims. (€70 excl couchette)
22 jul - Reims. Sleep in Bayeux. (Train, 5-6 hrs - €33,60. 2 trains; 10:21pm, 12:25pm) (They asked me to fax/send a letter. Reservations by phone/email not accepted. They claimed there'd be beds if I showed up on the day itself. If not I can always go camping again)
23 jul - D-Day Beaches/Bayeux. Sleep in Bayeux. (D-Day bus service - website down)
Monday - 24 jul - Bayeux. 5 hrs train to Brussels. Sleep in Brussels. (Train, 4 1/2-5 1/2 hrs - €60)
25 jul - Brussels. Sleep in Luxembourg. (Train, 3 hrs - unknown cost €0 due to a ticket xxoos gave me.)
26 jul - Luxembourg. Sleep in Vianden. (Train+Bus, unknown. If you believe them, the train to go to Vianden from luxembourg goes through Germany and involves 2 buses. Wth)
27 jul - Vianden. Sleep in Utrecht? Bunk with former housemate (till 29). (Train, 6-7 hrs. No fare information)
28 jul (Fri) - Utrecht. Close bank account.
29 jul - Finish up Utrecht. Bum. Get luggage from friend (or earlier).
30 jul - Fly at 12pm!

To do for July trip:

- Book night train

Damnit, the Gmail interface is horrible when you are forwarding multiple documents.

To do before leaving:

- Print itinerary
- Deposit luggage with friend
- Pack, repack
- Write, print and send Eurolines complaint letter
- Mail someone her card
- Change address, email address (can't find the field) in Osiris Online
- Return XS card
- UU/ESN shirt
- Look at De Rode Brug, other Utrecht stuff
- Close my bank account

- Buy new 15-strip strippenkart
- Ship stuff home
- Get orange souvenir
- Return library books
- Remove batteries from charger, pop in new set
- Finish, do a final read through and then submit book report, no thanks to someone
- Powder the straps of my bag
- Charge other set of batteries
- Study for hard open book exam (Sorta)
- Detach, return keys
- Final cleanup of room
- Throw away shit, including stuff in Kitchen
- Appelflappen (Partially)

- Eurail? Check prices
- Print out all that shit
- Finish blog backlog
- Backup files
- Final laundry
- Book Marseilles hostel
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