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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Quote: *I am an idiot* - Anon.

Random Playlist Song: Psalm 112 - 4Him

Random Trivia bit: "Bats. Eat. Moths. "

On andrew's random and seemingly futile pursuit for employment, he stumbled upon the Redmond Barry Building, home to the postgraduate Psychology student in search of willing victims, i mean researchparticipants. Though what i found is nowhere as exciting/lucrative as the associate's forays into the ghastly world of makingmoneybyvolunteeringforexperiments.

- Computer survey on how people think about relationships/control of power in societies. $10 for 30 minutes. Question of the day: do more developed societies have more complex and comprehensive conflict-resolution mechanisms because they are larger than the 100-strong backwaters tribe where everyone is related to everyone else by blood?

- Sleep research 1: 8 days continuously in a dimmed room. Non-invasive, but researchers will put you on a 28-hour day cycle for the time period and you can't leave the lab meanwhile. Monetary compensation: unknown.

- Sleep research 2: Muscle / respiration monitoring on arousal after sleep. You sleep for a couple of hours, and they stick 4 electrodes into your jaw and the roof of your mouth, ECG leads on your trunk and head, and a catheter down your air passages to monitor oxygen/carbon dioxide levels. How you sleep with all that junk attached to you, Oi don't know.

- Stories and thinking. Very friendly researcher (the kind who looks like she volunteers at the library to read stories aloud in the kids' corner) interviews you and asks you to fill in questionnaires regarding how stories change your way of thinking. $10 for 45 minutes.

- Vizperc lab: experiment on vision. Signed up for it. $10 for 45 minutes.

- Austin hearing. $60 for 4 hours in the austin. Monitoring of brain waves (yes, i know, there are actually terms for it which i should be familiar with by now), requirements are that you have perfect pitch/ good relative pitch. Intend to sign up for it.

- Heparin in PICU. Requirements: be less than 16 years old, get yourself admitted to ICU in the children's (hospital) (several ways to do this ... life-threatening injuries from a motor vehicle accident would suffice), and demand a heparin infusion (several ways to be eligible for one include: insist on cardiac surgery, get a stroke / feign a stroke, ask for a central line to be inserted - though this'd probably happen anyway) and ensure you get your coags done around 6-8am on weekdays. Satisfaction of helping a student finish his thesis. If you do get yourself in for cardiac surgery, ask for bypass (ok, that'll happen by default) and say yes to the other nice student and sign on the dotted line to help her finish her project too.


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