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Saturday, April 12, 2003


Offer of the Week at lastminute.com

Full monty military day experience - �0�1discount
Enjoy some heavy duty machine control with �0�1off the normal price

Ever fancied yourself at the controls of some serious military vehicles churning through mud, roaring up hills and possibly even running over a family saloon in a 55 ton Chieftain Main Battle Tank?

Can't wait to get your hands on an exhilarating experience? Give one of our experts a ring on 0870 241 6975 and you can book straight away.

What happens on the day?

This purpose built course with steep side slopes and deep mud pools will test your driving skills to the full. There are a variety of activities available on the day which usually include a 432 Armored Personnel Carrier, Snowcats, 548 Rapier Missile Launcher, Ferret Scout Vehicles, the Amphibious Stalwart and an Abbot 17 tone Gun Tank.

Also included are events such as target shooting or maybe even learn a few SAS skills. You will be awarded points for performance with the best driver of the day getting to crush a family saloon with your tank, an experience you will never forget.

When is it? Selected Saturdays throughout the year excluding December and January

Start Time: 9:00
Finish: 17:00 - 18:00

Where does the experience take place?

How long should I allow for this experience?
8 hours.

Are there any restrictions?

Minimum age 12
Maximum age 88
Minimum height 5ft
Maximum weight 125kg
Maximum chest measurement 50 inches.

What does the customer need to bring with them?
A towel and a change of clothing incase of wet weather. Please wear casual clothes.

About the instructors?
All instructors are professionally trained and offer a wealth of experience with heavy artillery vehicles.

Is there disabled access?

Can friends and family come along to watch?
Yes - �pp, which includes a ride on a vehicle and lunch.

What about insurance?
Public Liability Insurance for �is included, along with all third party insurance for any vehicles or equipment used on the day. Personal Accident Insurance and cancellation cover for up to �000 is included. Details will be enclosed within your pack.

What happens when I book?

  • Your presentation pack will be sent to you by first class post within 5 working days. Please allow 7 days for delivery during peak postal times
  • Your full colour presentation gift pack will contain information about the experience, details of how to book, a personalised gift certificate and an open dated voucher valid for 9 months
  • Booking a date couldn't be easier. After receiving your pack, simply telephone the number detailed in your information pack and they will do the rest
  • It is advised that you book at least 4 weeks in advance, but sometimes last minute places are available
  • Please note: delivery is by Royal Mail therefore lastminute.com cannot be held responsible for delays caused by the postal system

Please note we are acting as agents for 3rd party suppliers, please see our terms and conditions.
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