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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"Gender Equality" in Singapore

"Singapore's most hypocritical girl":

Indian girl: It helps you become a better person. And especially for, I'm not being sexist, but for guys, especially, it's a good way to train themselves, make them more responsible. And then, you know, when they become heads of, of their own family.

Reporter: But when asked if they would volunteer to spend 2 years in the army, only 9.3% of the women polled or about 1 in 10 said they would.

Indian girl: I don't think I want to spend two years doing something that's not going to be, I mean, useful for me in the future. It's two whole years. I am, it's going to push back my studies.

Reporter: So you would volunteer to serve as well?

Chinese Girl 2: Err, not really. I'm not very fit

Reporter: Should females serve National Service?

Indian girl: Why would you want women to serve National? Especially in Singapore, I mean. The likeli... I mean, the chances of us having even, going to war, is kinda low, so I don't see a point of it.

Chinese Girl 1: I think yes. But it should be optional, it's not compulsory like for the guys.

Chinese Girl 2: Gender Equality

Chinese Girl 1: Ya

Amusing YouTube comments:

"try giving birth asshole" (This was in response to someone pointing out that the physical standards are lower for women than men, so logically the women can't be working as hard as the men. Later, this person predictably said that "The misogyny displayed is here is frightening.")

"giving birth has pains worst than ns so technically u girls so be able to handle it"

"Eh, wake up your idea la. Nobody ask you to give birth. There are foreigners for that."

"i'd love AWARE's response to this trololololol"

"(hint: don't worry, this is youtube, so you won't be held to what you say here)"

"SG girls all have princess syndrome........
....but most of them CMI"

"If one wants to proclaim 'Gender equality', she should start with the end of her own hypocrisy."

"All in all honestly speaking I don't mind serving NS (as a girl), but I want the emarts to start selling menstrual cups. Because FIELD CAMP and BLEEDING VAGINA doesn't go well together."

Someone on this (versus Purple Light): These women can't be trusted. 18yo boys singing an albeit inappropriate song must be taken damn seriously. But an 18yo girl saying she supports NS for men cos it has good life lessons but says it's useless to her is just saying a stupid thing and we should leave her alone.

I was just cheesed at how hypocritical these women are.
Once gender is brought in, their sex clouds everything.

Me: basically women can do no wrong

Someone: Exactly
If they do anything clearly wrong, it's a momentary lapse.
But anything men do is a product of the patriarchy.

Me: anything women do wrong is also a product of patriarchy
i.e. men

Someone: I used to be a feminist. I stopped being one because of the feminists.

Study this video is based on:

S’poreans want PRs, women to be part of national defence | TODAYonline

"About 23 per cent of the respondents felt that women should serve two years of full-time NS. In comparison, about 70 per cent said women should serve “in a professional role” or as a volunteer to “help out in NS events”.

Among the women respondents, about 22 per cent agreed with the statement that women should serve full-time NS, but only 9.3 per cent said they will do so themselves...

Out of five Singaporean women TODAY spoke to, four said that they will volunteer for NS - with conditions attached.

Merchandiser Betty Ho, 35, said she would volunteer at NS events on an ad-hoc basis when her children, now one and three years old, enter secondary school.

Polytechnic student Lee Xiaoyu, 19, said she would not mind serving two to three years of NS in a desk-bound role after she graduates.

Public relations executive Valerie Wang, 23, said she will volunteer if her salary can be matched and her deployment takes into account her skills and abilities. In a national crisis, however, she will volunteer to serve without conditions, she said.

Among other findings, the survey also saw respondents ranking “instilling discipline and values among the young” first when they were asked to rank several statements on what does NS mean to them. “For national defence” was edged out in second place.

Associate Professor Straughan said that she was taken aback by this finding. She pointed out that conscription carries a hefty sacrifice for men and incurs a huge expenditure for the nation. “It’s a very expensive endeavour. If we’re losing sight of the purpose and intent (of NS), maybe we need a reminder,” she said."
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