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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why Everybody Loves Studying Abroad

The Reality of Chinese Students Abroad - Sinolicious

"A recent study at Hubei University showed that in one class, every single student intended to move abroad to study after graduation. Results were similar in test environments at other training schools. One girl, who wishes to remain anonymous, was reported saying “I want to study in the American because it is very free, I can to find a good job and very happy life, I do not think I will to come back”...

In 2012 a survey was carried out with participants whom had studied abroad, The students were asked a series of questions about their experiences since leaving China, and were encouraged to be as honest as possible, with confidentiality guaranteed. Researchers were quoted as being “shocked” by their findings..

The UK based survey found that 87% of students confessed to paying somebody to write their final dissertation...

It emerged that sexual liberation was another key lifestyle change with the transition abroad. 91% of the girls interviewed had experimented sexually with the locals in their new homes, with 22% of that number engaging in risky group sex practices. In contrast, less than 3% of males questioned had any experience with their Western female counterparts. Only one in twenty used any kind of contraception, with most preferring not to do so.

“I always used to feel so pressured into being conservative” said Rachel Wen, an 18 year old student of Leeds Metropolitan University, “but now my parents can’t see what I’m doing, I’m free to play around and find myself more” she giggled as she added “black men are my favourite”.

Recreational drug use was also a talking point for the students, with over 80% of them claiming to have used illegal substances during their studies. Ivy Peng, 19, found herself taking designer drug, mephedrone, not long after the start of her Fashion degree at University College London. “In China, the word to be ‘high’ means to get happy” she said, “but after I go to the bar and club for more than two times, I discover it new meaning” She confessed to the interviewer that she spends around £150 a day on the drug.

But what happens to all these students once they’ve graduated? Do they plan to return to China?

24 year old post-graduate MBA student Viper Tan said “I will try to find job in UK of course, but I think is so difficult this days, maybe I will to just stay for longer.” When asked if he means remaining in the country illegally, he shifted around nervously before answering “I think so”.

Only 12% of the group questioned had any intention of going back to China. Most had their sights set on getting citizenship by whatever means possible. The UK is known for its ease of gaining citizenship and many said that if they were arrested and caught, they would claim to be a member of the Falun Gong cult, which is heavily persecuted in their homeland, in the hopes of gaining citizenship by claiming asylum."

MFTTW: i think i'm a little more alarmed that UCL offers a fashion course


UCL dun offer a fashion course.
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