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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Liberal vs Conservative Racism

"One more thing about Hillary, Bernie, and black people before I turn in tonight. Black folks (actually minorities) need to understand that the vast majority of white conservatives and liberals don't care about you or they are indifferent. Most Republicans aren't racist, they are just indifferent completely, and have no interest in pandering to racial identity politics. Democrats will come around with their hands out when it is election time, get their pictures, pay off their buck dancing coon train to run around and get votes for them, and then NOTHING HAPPENS. Your life does not change AT ALL 99% of the time, in fact it might get worse (as people in Flint, Michigan found out, their city councel was all Democratic, and mostly black...yep...been that way for years, same as Detroit, yep...what did that do for them? NOTHING). Black faces in office mean nothing if you don't hold them accountable. 90% of the worst hell holes in this nation were black people live are controlled by black democratic politicians...don't believe me...think of an extremely poor ans/violent city and look at the mayor and city council...look at the state district representative.

NO, black folks, you need to wake the hell up and realize that when liberals jump up and down calling "conservatives" racists. That is how white people status signal. You are a prop in their internal class warfare, that's it. They don't care about you. It doesn't mean they hate you, it just means you don't matter at all usually. In the average liberals mind they can feel good about themselves and superior based on their superior morals, education, and maybe income that they can call some (in their mind, a redneck, a backward religious fanatic, or a money grubbing capitalist right out of "DAS CAPITAL") a racist and say see..."I know black don't, RACIST". Let me translate "You white trash I'm better than you and one of the many ways is that I'm an ANTI-RACIST".

Meanwhile, I have lived in very conservative states and very liberal...only difference I saw with racist is that "liberal racists" are arrogant,condescending; paternalistic, and hypocritical toward minorities. Deep down they both think you are inferior, in different but equally harmful ways, the only difference is one wants to use you, the other just wants you gone.

Funny thing is most of these liberals, especially after they start families live in suburbs that are 90% white with maybe 8% Asian, and the rest black and Hispanic. In my experience conservatives whites often live in much closer proximity to none Asian minorities...hence some of the ethnic tension...but that's also a complicated story for later...

Racist conservatives usually just don't want to associate with you,and don't pretend otherwise.

Yeah...that's about it. I saw no less racism in Northern Virginia than I saw in Houston, sorry to tell you, and I feel no more racism in Ohio than I felt in any of the former, it is just a different kind...that's it.

What have you actually done to manifest anti-racism? NOTHING. However doing SOMETHING was never the purpose. What they want is to appear a certain way to status signal when it comes to real change the vast majority of the time they have no interest beyond the superficial...

Catch-up, wake-up. This is a game that is not for you and has little to do with you. Don't fall for it."
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