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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Disagreement as 'Personal Attack'

AWARE Singapore - *Trigger warning for descriptions of rape,...:

AWARE Singapore: *Trigger warning for descriptions of rape, bullying and eating disorders*

A powerful story of sexual assault and its effects. "Do you believe my story? Do you think the fact that I was "too drunk to REMEMBER"... means that there's a good chance I could have made it all up? Misremembered somehow? Fabricated memories? Would you need to hear my rapist's side of the story, too, in order to make up your mind? "

Matata Hakuna: Utterly sick....

Lim Yong Chin: What s necessary? A clear-out divison between the fact that Dawkins made a comment about victims who have NO
recollection about what happened, and a lurid, graphic account from a rape victim who DOES?

What's necessary? A Public Service Announcement that 14-year-old girls who go to hormone-fueled parties really should be sticking to the age limit for drinking for their own safety and future mental integrity? Or is this also classified as victim-blaming?

Matata Hakuna: I shall take it that your comment is not made from any informed viewpoint. AWARE, please note there is a troll right here and do what's necessary

AWARE Singapore: Lim Yong Chin: Yes, that is victim-blaming. Reading someone's traumatic experience of abuse and telling them it's their fault is not acceptable on this page.

We also don't permit personal attacks on us or other people. If such comments continue, you will be banned from this page.

So to AWARE, mere disagreement constitutes a “personal attack” (to say nothing of the related and similarly spurious cries of "trolling")
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