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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Fact Checking Sangeetha Thanapal's Lies (Again)


On Hassan Sunny being named one of the world's Top 20 goalkeepers:

Sangeetha's claim: "It just barely gets a mention in Today.

If it was a Chinese guy, it'll be all over the news and he would be named Sportsperson of the Year."

Fortunately, Augustin Chiam did a fact check and pointed out that:

- The Straits Times put a teaser on its front page and had a story on page C12
- Today put it on page 4 (if that is "barely" mentioning it, I wonder what it being in the middle of the paper counts as)
- The New Paper had it on page 12
- CNA featured it
- Yahoo Singapore also had a story on it

His conclusion: "Just need to google it."

Unsurprisingly, these helpful comments pointing out that she was incontrovertibly wrong have now disappeared, leaving only her discredited lies, aimed at stirring racial tensions.

And her frothing fans are none the wiser (even assuming they care about facts).

At least now no one can pretend she is only an innocent "Writer & Anti Racism Social Media Activist-Scholar engaged in anti-racism work in Singapore."


Augustin informs me that he has been, unsurprisingly, blocked by Sangeetha. Even better, a Joshua Chiang reports that he was blocked just for *liking* Augustin's comment.

A non-Chinese Singaporean sports commentator: Lol if anything the Hassan Sunny story was blown up far too big. I was gonna comment on how the media here were heralding some throwaway random slideshow as a major accolade. And here she is saying it wasnt enough

If it makes her feel any better, the Singapore football scene is the one place where being non-Chinese works in your favour

Someone: Wow

Would be somewhat acceptable if she deleted the post

That would be she is a coward, but keeping post and deleting comments means she's a liar
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