Wednesday, August 07, 2002

I got 2 extras in one day so I don't feel particularly inspired. Perhaps during my half day of leave-clearing tomorrow (ahem).

More search engine hits:

"how to excuse pes E IPPT"

"how to write a virus"

"hokkien counterstrike sounds"

"how to be pretentious"

"Waffletown in Singapore"

"Pork knuckle + Singapore+holland"

More stuff seen on "Just Eat Me"

"I'm happy Peggy and Kevin Siew got the President's scholarships, cos they're decent people. And I'm happy Jianlong got his SAFOS scholarship too, cos he needs it. But Shiyi! Teo Shiyi! I mean, the guy's just pure evil. He's Hitler incarnate! Oh wait, I'm breaking a promise I made a while back.

Santha, Bitch From Hell: "I don't want any of you calling my prefects Hitler again."
Ravi (fighting back laughter): "Um."
Andrew (fighting back laughter): "Um."
Me (fighting back laughter and losing): "Yes, ma'am. We will not call any prefect Hitler again."


My dissing people skill is not as finely refined. He seems to be able to do it with fewer of the negative side effects :)

I never understood the Hitler thing, but I remember he did book me once for eating in class. He didn't actually see me eating, but he claimed that he saw crumbs on my lips. Actually I was eating in class, but that's a separate issue - one shouldn't book others on assumptions!

Balderdash's anniversary is coming in 1 week! Maybe I can start a feature - "this week on Balderdash..."

Behold the very first, the virgin post.

"Online journals are evil. So I've said before.

So I will post all the weird things I always tell people here!


Looks like I didn't quite live up to my mission statement.
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