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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

"The holy passion of Friendship is of so sweet and steady and loyal and enduring a nature that it will last through a whole lifetime, if not asked to lend money." - Mark Twain, Pudd'nhead Wilson


Japan trip
Day 5 - 10th June - Torii behind Fushimi-Inari Shrine, Kiyomizudera Temple, Kyoto
(Part 5)

While everyone else went off to party, there was still a long road in front of me: I intended to travel the path of the torii.

One entrance to the long (4km) line of torii

Since the toriis look the same from both sides, I will note here that you see fewer words on their front than their back.

The only hiragana I saw on the torii

I was going to run underneath all the torii, but I didn't have any coins I wanted to spare to dedicate to the gods

Various small shrines along the way

Is the small bottle of water potable?!

There were some rest stops along the way. I really pitied the people working at them, though the height surcharge went up as I did. At least they got a good workout. Possibly due to the festival, almost all of the outlets/shops were closed, though.

Surprisingly, though some torii dated back to the Meiji era, I didn't see any graffiti. Probably because it was Japan.

I wonder that more people don't take one of the mini-torii as a souvenir

It didn't look like many people visited all these, since you had to walk up

Lazy Pussy

Stone and wood torii

Washing up point

I was wondering whether to push on all the way for 4 (?) km to the end - this would be tiring but the main concern would be time: I could still hit one more temple after this if I didn't try for the end. Conveniently, 2 ang moh women came trouping down the stairs. I consulted them, and they said the shrines got more monumental as you went up, but otherwise it was more of the same. They recommended going 5 minutes up for a great view of Kyoto, and that it was "worth it".

Looking down on where I'd walked up. The structure contained amenities provision structures (and they seemed to live on top).

The great view of Kyoto. Gah.

The way back

One of the very few vending machines which deviated from the standard price. Notice the addition of the height surcharge.

Another stone and wood torii juxtaposition

Shop ripping the image of Inari off

Ragtag-looking monk

I saw Sprite on sale again (in a vending machine).

Alley and road

After a long trek (it was >1km and probably more like 1.5km from the subway station) I arrived at the foot of Kiyoizudera. I was ready for a Pocari Sweat, for the first time ever, but settled for an Aquarius (Pocari wasn't available at the vending machine IIRC). It was then another 1km or so uphill.





"随求堂" and peek in

"I wish that there will be no more animal testings.
I wish for that we can have peace
I wish for wisdom + insight into the human condition.
And peace to all!
I wish for lollipops!!"


Plaque by Fuji

World Heritage plaque

Only at this point was there a ticket booth.

"When Kannon-sama arises in your mind, then you are in Oneness with Kannon-sama"
A ploy to get people to visit them during all 4 seasons

I like many of the washing points with dragons




Aside: I was first introduced to the name (even if not the concept) of the Khakkhara by Boukenger.
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