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Friday, December 22, 2006

"I often quote myself. It adds spice to my conversation." - George Bernard Shaw


Someone said that if you think Singaporean girls are materialistic, overdress, bitchy, emotional and sexist, it's even worse in Hong Kong. Over there, there's no such thing as going Dutch - the guy always pays. You might as well pay upfront and get something, right? Hurr hurr.

Claiming that biology is simply chemistry, chemistry physics or physics maths is like claiming sociology or psychology are just biology or maths philosophy.

In a strip search you have to, if male, raise your scrotal sac and peel back your foreskin. If not, you have to lift your breasts to see what's underneath and spread your vaginal lips to see if there's a protruding object or string (what if it's a tampon?). Both genders must spread their buttock cheeks (see rationale for vagina check). Yeech. It turns out I know someone who's been strip searched in the past, and he said it wasn't a pleasant experience.

Since Halal beef is drained of its blood, it must be quite dry when cooked, especially in the form of prime rib and steak. This brainwave came to me in part because someone warned me not to try the beef steak at the pseudo-Western stall at work because it's very dry. Yet another point for the manifesto!

For some reason they sell condoms at the polyclinic.

What does it mean when you're detained at the President's Pleasure? It sounds quite scary.

Comment spam filters hate me. I suspect this is because they think my nick is garbage.

I saw a photo album of Law students called "SLUGS". Haha.

A story I was told: This woman had a baby and after taking a group photo, someone asked her how old the baby was. When she said it was 5 months old, she was told, "Oh you can start dieting now."

PR is full of girls. This is because men like women, women like women but nobody likes men.

Cognitive patterns perpetuating a criminal lifestyle: Blaming external sources, diverting attention by questioning motives of others, self centred, convincing people they're really a good person eg 'I'm loyal to friends', feeling lack of control over environment, lashing out to regain power, entitlement mentality and egocentricity, seeks short cuts to life's demands eg low tolerance for boredom, inconsistency in thought and behavior, easily distractable - This sounds like some people I know.

"I have now been a psychologist for 21 years, and one thing of which I am certain is that I have never - not even once - had to do in the profession what I needed to do to get an A in the introductory course, as well as some of the other courses" - Robert Sternberg, 1996
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