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Sunday, March 12, 2006

My No 1 fan: xnothing to write abt the anne frank house?
never take pics of the secret annexe?

Me: cannot take photos inside lah
so they can sell more postcards!

My No 1 fan: .......didn't u take pics of the postcards? like every singaporean worth his salt would do? ;) hahaha

Unfortunately as mentioned earlier, photography was disallowed. Why 60 year old letters, forms and other documents are so sensitive to light that the possibility of idiots letting their flash loose when many museums contain works ten times that age and yet trust visitors to turn off their flashes was not made clear.

The house was rather spartan. Rather than decorated and furnished as it would've been during the war, the only decoration was some posters that Anne had pinned on the walls, and there were a few display cabinets and shelves around. Otto Frank (the father) supposedly wanted the place laid out that way but I suspect it's more to allow more visitors to fit inside and travel through the place.

There were quotes from Anne (or rather, from her diary) put up all over the place, so the place had the feeling of a shrine. All in all, I think there was too much focus on the diary, and on Anne herself - after all, there *were* 7 other people living in the place, and Otto Frank at least survived so the absence of his voice except in his capacity as the conduit through which the diaries reached the world was questionable.

There weren't many artefacts from the War - for example a tube of the sort of toothpaste that they'd have used. It would've been nice also to have had the timeline of a single day laid out so people could visualise how it would've been like, but then again they probably want to sell more books, so.


Me: my stupid friend is having her spring clothes shipped to her in oregon
... women

Someone: all i can say is

Me: no lah
she says winter clothes are all long sleeved
that kinda shit
you know women lah
bloody hell

Someone: shrug
i wear short sleeves in winter too

Me: me too
my spring collection is winter collection minus a sweater
hurr hurr

Someone: LOL


Someone: Did I ever told you that Thio Su Mien saved us from further SARs damage?

World's Largest Prayer Board Annointed.net News - West Coast Clarion Call!!

"Last February, a USSPN Washington Regional Coordinator was present during a report given by an international lawyer from Singapore, Thio Su Mien (Su), who is gifted in prophetic intercession and healing. She shared about some of the things going on in the area of Indonesia before the tsunami.

She explained how the SARS virus hit Singapore a year prior to the earthquake/tsunami. The Lord alerted the intercessors and told them that if they did not get on their faces and repent on behalf of their nation's involvement in abortion as the contraceptive of choice, that the land would suffer from His hand of judgment.

Because they saw how devastating the SARS virus had been, the intercessors immediately took action to seek His mercy and forgiveness. Singapore was not touched by the earthquake disaster. The Malaysian intercessors joined them in diligent prayer and also opened healing rooms in Kuala Lampur. The area on the Northern Coast of Malaysia was hit hard. There are amazing stories of God's grace and mercy in saving souls and lives there.

It was the prayers of the intercessors that had saved the disaster from affecting an even larger area. She emphasized that the intercessors crying out with repentance and asking for mercy, along with declarations of the Word of God over the land (both written and rhema), released the curse upon the land and the people were spared. It was a plea for intercessors to step up to the plate and continue to press into God for mercy from judgment coming."

We also have her to thank for Singapore not suffering from hailstorms, tornadoes and earthquakes.

Meanwhile intercessors in France are to thank for the invention of Sunscreen in 1936, saving many people from skin cancer.
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