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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Addendum: People have notified me that after almost 2 1/2 years, many of the pictures are now missing. I have created galleries with the pictures and hosted them on my homepage:

Before plastic surgery
After plastic surgery

- Agagooga, 16/04/2008

Blogging her way to instant fame

"Her good looks have inspired much jealousy.

'In school, someone started weird rumours about how I got into a catfight with another girl. People also accuse me of having plastic surgery, but what can I do?' she shrugged helplessly.

Pictures of her clubbing with celeb pals such as Fiona Xie and Alex Polstra on her blog have led to Dawn being labelled a 'laidback airhead' who leads a 'dazzling decadent lifestyle'."

- From a The New Paper article on Dawn Yeo ("Dawn Yang")

I have no problem at all with people who have plastic surgery. Unlike those who believe that while it is great if you are born pretty, having a surgically constructed or enhanced face is a big no-no (ie A version of the Naturalistic fallacy), I have no problems with people getting tummy tucks, chin lifts, boob jobs or any other form of physical sculpting or enhancement. After all, she seems to have gotten quite a reception on Hottest Blogger.

Denying that you have gone under the knife and feigning, with a note of irritation, tired resignation about the accusations, however, is a very different matter. Considering that many sources know the truth about her plastic surgery, this is a most perilous assertion to make and I was riled enough to come up with this blog post. [Addendum: She also goes around online squashing accusations and allegations of surgery.]

More than one person asked me why I cared about her not admitting to undergoing surgery. At this point, I was glad that I had taken the time to study NUS's eModule on plagiarism, for its points are equally applicable to answering the questions of why we should not cheat in exams, why we should not plagiarise, why athletes should not take steroids and why we should not undergo plastic surgery and then deny it.

Let's look at 4 groups of people who might be harmed by her denying of having gone under the knife:

1) Tinsel Management, which signed her up with "an artiste management contract" - They are misled about her looks, the source of which she presumably misrepresented.
2) Fellow females - They look at her and think she looks good naturally, yet what they don't know is that she has been artifically enhanced. Some might even get plastic surgery themselves because they want to look as good as she does "naturally".
3) Any males who might go after her - Similarly, her misrepresentation has misled them (ask a Law student about misrepresentation - as a SNAIL IANAL, and am not fit to pronounce on such matters)
4) She herself - She's causing irreparable harm to her psyche by deluding herself that her new looks are what she was born with, and thus letting her innate low self-esteem about her natural looks go on unchecked. And when her not-so-well-concealed secret is exposed, her reputation will suffer.

2 questions you must ask to decide if your denial of having undergone plastic surgery is bad

1) Could this deceive the talent scouts/whoever might hire me based on my looks?
2) Could this give you an unfair advantage over fellow females?

[Addendum: If one needed any more reasons: to deny having had a nose job or tummy tuck is one thing, a small untruth, but when you reconstruct your whole face and flatly deny it, the magnitude of the lie not only transports it to new realms of deception, the assertion is so ludicrous that only credulous people will believe it.]

And so, marshalling my not inconsiderable resources, I have extracted some choice pieces of evidence. Not having the talent most girls have for checking out the competition (in this case, denigrating a possible rival) and spotting where the surgeon has made his deft cuts and incisions, I made way for the masters' opinions:

A: lol. i heard a story about this
admittedly it doesnt come from a very good source but considering that she was in SMU and people still talk about her

he said that he had a very close female friend who used to work at a plastic surgeon's office in paragon
you can guess what he said lah
she did a check of a database and found her name
apparently she went for a rhinoplasty

B: i'm scrolling through dawn yeo;s old blog entries...she looked pretty different in the past!
she posted it on her old blog!

just before she went to LA, in 2004
her eyes look the same but her face shape is different...she has cheeks! lol

lets see...i'm looking at august 2, 2004
her cheekbones are definitely not as well defined
she looks more human
just her eyes...still very plastic

in the august 11 entry it's pretty clear...her face shape is definitely different
i think she looks pretty good there actually!

[Addendum: C: i still cant get over the stiff upper lip.
think if she fell hard enough her eyes would fall out of the sockets?
its like she shaved off hell of a lot of skin from her eyelids]

Former acquaintance: I certainly don't recognise her

Someone from her past: seriously
it took me THREE MONTHS to realize it was her
i had to intensively search her blog for pics of her family
and i recognized her parents and [her sister] but not her
because i knew her as Dawn Yeo and it didn't click that Yang is Yeo in chinese

i swear she did her eyes and her nose at LEAST
and maybe boobs

[On the August 2004 pictures] her eyes and nose were already done
oooo, scandal of the year
hey you can write into new paper and get a free phone

okay. she DEFINITELY did:
1) cut double eyelids
2) cut bigger eyes
3) reconstructed her nose to have a higher nose bridge and less of a button nose

1) work on her lips
2) breast augmentation

and she hasn't gone into the sun for possibly three years, seeing how she's so unnaturally fair now
possibly lipo-ed her face too

i have it on GOOD FAITH from someone in SMU who shall remain anonymous that dawn condemned people who have gone for plastic surgery, saying, "why can't they be confident enough about themselves?"


in case there are doubters, you can draw people's attention to the mole beside her right eyebrow as a distinguishing characteristic

More comments by people who saw her before/after photos

Results of a statistical study showing males prefer her old look and females prefer her new look.

Admittedly, the testimonials above do not sound that reliable. And so, I present some Before and After photos, the former of which are obtained from the far reaches of the Internet:

[The pictures are mirrored at:

Before plastic surgery
After plastic surgery

Before 1:

This is probably the most "before" of all the shots, from the end of 2001]

After 1:

This is a recent picture from 2005's Halloween.

Sort of Sort of Before 2:

This is from the August 2, 2004 post someone was talking about earlier.

After 2:

This is her current Xanga profile picture.

Sort of Sort of Before 3:

This is from the August 11, 2004 post someone was talking about earlier.

After 3:

Another recent picture. Transformation indeed!

Before 4:

This is from 2002 probably.

After 4:

October 19, 2005 post

Before 5:

From 2001/2002.

After 5:

October 17, 2005 post

Sort of Before 6:

Prom in 2002

Comment: possibly eyes and lips, MAYBE boobs, not nose yet.
nor her double eyelids
pretty sure she already did her boobs, by the grad photos

After 6:

October 12, 2005 post

Sort of Before 7:

Prom in 2002

After 7:

October 5, 2005 post

Before 8:

Probably in 2002

After 8:

Compare the dress and flower in her hair to Sort of Before 7.

Comment: i do think its implants, jsut because of the way they sit on her chest
its not.. natural.
her tits are too high on her chest to be real
either that or she has one FUCK of a push-up bra that hides very well beneath that dress

My take: it's such an obvious breast implant cleavage pic!
I won [on seeing] all of these kinda shots at fakeornot.com

[Addendum: Bonus!

Günther 1, October 7 2005 post

Günther 2, Date: Unknown

Additional contribution 1, dated 29th November 2003

Additional contribution 2, dated 30th November 2003

Additional contribution 3 - Dawn Yeo in Secondary 1 (1997)

Fatfool on the Hardwarezone Forums helpfully marked out the areas operated on.]

Moral of the story: Just as you must always cite your sources when you write academic papers, you should admit to having undergone plastic surgery.

[Addendum: The bored or curious may wish to look for more current (or, if you search hard enough, past) photos of her on her Xanga site.]
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