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Friday, September 07, 2018

Observations - 7th September 2018

Technically, 'For the many, not the few' is anti-minorities.

When westerners go to other countries they're told to dress in culturally appropriate/sensitive ways. When non westerners go to Western countries it's culturally appropriate/sensitive for them to wear whatever they want.

Amused that Singaporean women complain so much about paying a bit more in Careshield premiums to support other women, but the men do NS to protect Singaporean women, and mostly don't complain about the sexism. This says something about how the sexes approach entitlements

Feminists champion the rights of underaged girls to have abortions without letting their parents know. But if underaged girls have the capacity to consent to an abortion, why can't they consent to things like sex and female genital cutting (setting aside the fact that many feminists don't even think adult women have the capacity to consent to female genital cutting). Hormone blockers are another example

"Sometimes you tell lies, sometimes you tell the truth. No one knows when you're lying. In real life this is the way you run a business"

So apparently the reason why people stay in Sales once they join the line is their spending habits grow to meet the salary, and they can't sustain their lifestyles in a non-Sales position

If finding a way to increase productivity is rewarded by slashing headcount, what is the incentive to increase productivity?

"Do what you love and you'll work super fucking hard all the time with no separation or any boundaries and also take everything extremely personally"

"it is easier to "prove" saving costs than it is to measure productivity losses."

What if companies deliberately coded their websites to only work in IE to prevent employees using unauthorised browsers?

Aggressive enforcement of geographical restrictions on streaming just means that people will pirate content instead

Main reason people write down passwords: password policies making you use one you can't remember, and change it every 3 months

99% of coupons on coupon sites just redirect you to the merchant. It's a scam!

If a system blocks you from reusing old passwords, doesn't that mean it stores old passwords and thus is even more of a security risk since if it's hacked you lose even more sensitive information?

Given how many sites now detect adblockers and nag you, is there any reason to continue using one?

IT Best Practice: Replacing an old but functional system with a new, graphical one that is slower, blockier, has sexy - but useless - features and less essential functionality

Racial harmony in Singapore is mocking your presidents as the prata man, Colonel Sanders and the Milo auntie

So apparently Singapore can take away your permanent residency even if you live in the country if you don't earn enough (as long as you leave, no matter how temporarily)

"when PMDs are on roads, LTA polices like hawks before any accidents happen; when PMDs wreak havoc on pavements, wait for pedestrians to get seriously injured before following up."

The fact that Singapore has gun nuts despite no gun culture or history shows how thoroughly it has imported the US culture wars

"Human rights [in Singapore] are about every 5 presidents there must at least be one from a minority race."

"Singapore is actually a very good case study on fluoridation- 100% of population for 50 years
Any pattern will be somewhat obvious by now."
"The effects are obvious. A subservient population"

Why, when it comes to business costs in Singapore, does the government always harp about wages but not rent?

"regarding the whole drama about racist landlords, when my wife then girlfriend was renting a room, it turned out even her indian landlord preferred to rent to Chinese folks because of problems with her own race.

some prayer rituals and incense in the house
bringing undesirable visitors"
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