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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Links - 28th November 2010

"From now on, ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put." - Sir Winston Churchill


Early Renaissance Italy: Behind closed doors | The Economist - "Convents in 16th- and 17th-century Italy were largely dumping-grounds for spare women: widows, discarded mistresses, converted prostitutes and, above all, the unmarried daughters of the nobility. Aristocratic families were loth to stump up dowries for more than one daughter. The rest were walled away. In Milan in the 1600s, three-quarters of the female nobility were cloistered... With few genuinely spiritual nuns, convents were full of women finding ways round the rules through scheming and backbiting, through art or music or lesbian love and once, even, through torching their convent and escaping en masse"

Secrets of the Happiest Places on Earth - "The happiest place in Asia is Singapore... It's irrefutable... humans are hardwired to prefer security over freedom... There's a very high level of home ownership... seniors are taken care of at a higher level... we're happier when we socialize, and we get the most satisfaction from socializing with our parents... Worldwide, happiness equates very strongly with equality... We know that trust is hugely correlated with happiness, places where people are trustworthy and you can trust the government, low corruption. Also tolerance: You can be a minority, you can be gay, you can marry your gay lover and raise a baby with him or her and not be chastised or be discriminated against"

Pool blacked out for Muslim swim - "A COUNCIL was slammed today for blacking out the windows of a glass-panelled swimming pool — to protect the modesty of Muslim women... "I returned to swimming after having a cataracts operation some months ago and was looking forward to looking out on some lovely trees while swimming. What I found was a situation that reminded me of how it felt like before my operation, like looking at a horrible cloudy view""
The council response seems lame

Teens Who Feel More Peer Pressure Turn Out Better, Not Worse - "The kids who felt more peer pressure when they were 12 or 13... had much higher-quality relationships with friends, parents, and romantic partners. Their need to fit in, in the early teens, later manifested itself as a willingness to accommodate ─ a necessary component of all reciprocal relationships... Many of the pressures felt by teens pull them in a good direction ─ they feel pressure to do well in school, pressure to not act childish, and pressure to be athletic... The kid who blindly obeys his parents also blindly obeys his peers... “The best relationships feel both autonomous and connected”"
As with 'bullying', trying to protect children sometimes actually harms them

Kids in organized sports more likely to cheat, study shows - "Children involved in sports are more likely to cheat in school, are learning from their coaches how to best cut corners and are more open to forms of bullying as a way to motivate people... Two-thirds of the athletes admitted to cheating on an exam at least once in the previous year, compared with 60 per cent in the rest of the student population. Football players were the worst, at 72 per cent"
Hurrah sportsmanship!

Relation of Threatened Egotism to Violence and Aggression: The Dark Side of High Self-Esteem - "Conventional wisdom has regarded low self-esteem as an important cause of violence... An interdisciplinary review of evidence about aggression, crime, and violence contradicted the view that low self-esteem is an important cause. Instead, violence appears to be most commonly a result of threatened egotism - that is, highly favorable views of self that are disputed by some person or circumstance. Inflated, unstable, or tentative beliefs in the self's superiority may be most prone to encountering threats and hence to causing violence."

Alexa - Top Sites in singapore - "#20: Live Sex - The worlds most visited Video chat community.
#37: Singapore-Asian Commercial Sex Discussions. - The definitive guide to the Commercial Sex Scene in Singapore and the surrounding region
#41: ( 土豆网
#58: 新浪新闻中心
#69: Jizz Hut - Free Porn Movies Sex Videos Xxx Mpegs Updated Daily
#70: National University of Singapore
#98: - 最热门的海外中文网络社区和门户网站(Oversea Chinese Community)"
I think is not visited in and of itself. but because of porn site pop unders

Having children abroad? Your country may not want them - "Certain countries, including Switzerland, Japan and much of the European Union, do not confer citizenship automatically to babies born on their soil. In such places, expats whose own nationality cannot be transmitted abroad can find themselves with more than the usual dose of new-parent stress... Many countries limit citizenship to a certain number of generations born abroad, though in most cases an exemption is given when a citizen born abroad later resides in the country... "When people think of refugees and stateless people they don't think of Western, educated professionals with an office job""

Home Affairs Minister responds to MPs - "Taking into account his family members, which numbered more than a hundred, and with contacts they number many more. I don't want to go into details on what surveillance was done because they are really operational security matters and it is not in the interest of our country for us to disclose these matters. However, Member can be assured that what was done has been reviewed and I'm satisfied that all the necessary steps were taken."
Best. Answer. Ever.
Comment: "It seems hypocritical to accuse the population of being complacent and then defending the policing procedures as being completely understandable that they are insufficient. It is pretty clear where the complacency lies if the system seeks to remain rebuke-proof."
Comment 2: "If a corporate employee made a blunder on such a scale, he/she would be sacked instantly. Since the government has decided that they should be paid according to how much private sector employees are paid, shouldn't the consequences for sub-par performance be the same?"
TOC: "Instead of admitting its shortcomings and failures, the Government instead seems to be laying the blame on the Malay-Muslim community as a whole... why should Shanmugam (and MPs) even mention the Malay-Muslim community, as if it is somehow complicit in Mas Selamat’s escape, or that there is a potential of it doing so, just by being of the same racial or religious affiliation as he?"

Those Naughty Sea Otters - "What kind of values are displayed when males hold pups for ransom until the mothers give them food? That's right, male otters will often grab pups away from their mothers and only give them up when mom comes up with some seafood. And what can you say about a species whose males steal food from all other otters, females steal food away from other females and pups rip off their mothers?... even regular mating between otters is just plain revolting. During mating, a male will often bite a female's nose and hold on for dear life. Even more disgusting, sometimes females die from the experience. But we have yet to reach the ne plus ultra level of disgustingness. You would think that the demise of your love interest might put the kibosh on mating, but male otters are so single-minded, their minds so like testosterone-drenched jelly donuts, that they sometimes continue mating with a dead female... there are male sea otters that have attempted to have sex with, well, with harbor seals"

British pupils taught to carry out Sharia punishments - "Pupils at Islamic schools across Britain are being taught to chop off a criminal's hand and that Jews are conspiring to take over the world, a BBC investigation found"

Parental food nagging may produce fussy eaters - "Parents beware. Telling your child to clean their plate may help produce a fussy eater, while tight control of what they eat could make children prone to overeating"

The Most Homoerotic Photos Of Politicians Ever Taken
Is this homophobic and bigoted? I expected better of the Huffington Post!

Muslim Group Advises Women Wearing Hijabs to Allow TSA ‘Enhanced Pat Downs’ Only on Head and Neck Area
"Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has avoided answering a question about whether hijab-wearing Muslim women would be given the same security X-rays – or full-body pat-downs – as other passengers. "
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