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Sunday, September 07, 2003

Latest search engine referrals:

SCGS+pinafore - This brings up a weird pad fight story. And I still maintain it's not called a pinafore.

download sar-vivor rap - I also want to get that horrible song!

rjc teacher video - Thanks to searches like this, I peaked at 517 hits on 12 Jul 2003.

rjc sluts

rgs culottes

real rjc rape victims 2003 - I don't think there are any, except in people's minds. Maybe they're looking for a pic on Kazaa.

jamie yeo mgs girl - Was she one?

yaodong idiot
yaodong rjc - He sure is popular, isn't he?

2003 mail contacts of italian beer masters - ???

rgs zaogeng - Why do all the results for this point to me?

fetish for women wearing ankle socks - Hot Socks. Yuck.

rectal thermometer fetish - I suppose there are worse things you can stick up your ass.

"singing chickens"

80 year old sluts - A bit old, aren't they?

ah beng tudung - ???

jurong saf jetty - Wrong place. There's no sea there.

fursuitsex - Is it possible to do it while wearing one?

poem on anti-fur trade - People compose poems on such topics?

lasalle sia horny

datuk daughter porn movie

"RGS Girls" pictures

boy male physical exam doctor speculum story detail - I thought those are only used on girls.

malay bapoks of singapore

saf simulation for reservice - As if.

"school uniform" singapore "junior college" girl

xephyris Window skins

ACJC sexy girl website with photo

pornstar julian - Hee hee. Xephyris? ;)

scgs bra colour - Erm. Blue?

How to pass IPPT - That's only a temporary solution. You gotta go all the way and solve the problem forever. Downgrade!

www.retarded burger

advantage of pirated VCD and CD towards social malaysia - Reduced social unrest? Divertion of energies from the political arena? Harmless outlet for religious fundamentalism.

zaogeng+blog - I suppose entries there would read: "Today I zaogenged. It was very cooling. I got a lot of attention" or "Today I saw lots of people zaogenging"

disgusting and mutilated pictures of dead ppl - is good for this kind of thing, isn't it?
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